Detoxifying Footbaths

An ionic detoxifying footbath rids the body of any harmful toxins such as impurities in the air, chemicals in your home, and beauty products.


An ionic foot detox works by pulling the toxins out of your body through your feet. It is a safe and relaxing way to clear out the body. The ionizing machine works to ionize the foot bath water which gives the hydrogen in the water a positive charge.


The positive charge attracts the negatively charged toxins in your body. This enables them bind to any heavy metals and toxins in your body, similar to how a magnet works and allows the toxins to be pulled out through the bottoms of your feet.

Pedicured Feet

What to Expect at Your Visit

Your feet are placed in the warm, ionized water in the foot bath tub. An infrared belt is placed on your mid-section to gently warm the organs to stimulate blood flow, allowing for the release of toxins. You can relax quietly for 30 minutes while you body effortlessly detoxifies.

To book a detoxifying footbath, please call our center at (203) 994-8978.