Intuitive Guidance

We have psychics, spiritual mediums, and tarot card readers who can provide you with intuitive guidance.

  • A psychic is someone who has developed the ability to sense non-physical energies. Although everyone has this ability, a psychic develops an acute sensitivity to these energies.

  • A Medium is a spiritually sensitive person who uses psychic ability to see, feel, or hear spirits who choose to be perceived.

  • A tarot card reader uses the cards and innate intuition to reflect and clarify knowledge and understanding. This can be about your current situation, decisions you need to make, or whatever guidance you require.

Tarot Cards

What to Expect at Your Visit

When sitting with your reader, their intention will be to bring awareness of what is going on in your life spiritually and to bring insight to current energies that surround you. 

Please call (203) 994-8978 to book an intuitive guidance session.