Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is used to promote healing by applying gentle movement and pressure to the soft tissues of the body including muscle, tendons, ligaments, connective tissue, and skin.


Massage therapy can help: 

  • Improve your immune system

  • Reduce pain

  • Increase relaxation and reduce stress

What to Expect at Your Visit

Portrait of a senior man being massaged.jpg

If this is your first massage session at our center, you will need to let your therapist know if you have any health conditions or injuries. This will help them understand your health goals, whether it be stress reduction, pain management, or simply to relax. 


The key to achieving your goals during a session is communication. Let your therapist know if you are looking for general relaxation, stress reduction, pain management/relief, or therapy in specific areas of the body that need attention. Please ask your therapist to stop if there is something that you don’t like — they will be more than happy to adjust technique or pressure if something is uncomfortable for you.

To book a session with our massage therapist Chanty Waring, please visit her website.